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Analysis of Causes of Flower Inaccuracy of Full-width Continuity
- Jun 10, 2018 -

In the printing of two or more color patterns, one or more of the colors on the fabric are not properly printed on the corresponding pattern positions, and misplaced or overlapped results in the same pattern. Inconsistent with the pattern of cloth, call it inaccurate.

The inaccurate printing is often the result of a large number of print defects that often occur in rotary screen printing. The inaccurate production of flowers is closely related to the precision of rotary screen printing machines, circular screens and their plate making, technological operations, and the printing of grey cloths.
In the process of rotary screen printing, the frequently encountered pairs of flowers can be divided into two types, that is, from the start of the car has been inaccurate pairs of flowers and pairs of flowers are not allowed to run after the flowers are not allowed to spend . The pattern of flowers on the surface of the cloth can be divided into intermittent, inaccurate, inaccurate, inaccurate, inaccurate or inaccurate. Diagonal pairs of flowers are not allowed, continuity is inaccurate, etc.

Cause of formation

The causes of this type of caries are broader and more complex. 

Cause of formation
(1)  The speed difference between the printed rubber belt and the rotary screen is large. When the main drive system drives the pneumatic friction plate clutch operated by the rubber belt driving roller, due to factors such as insufficient air pressure or excessive air leakage, dirt entering between the friction plates, and relatively long time for the friction plate plane to be used, the driving rubber is caused. The driving force of the conduction belt is not stable; the non-slip layer sprayed on the surface of the driving roller that drives the rubber conduction belt peels off, the friction coefficient decreases, and the rubber conduction belt slips during operation; the tension of the rubber conduction band is insufficient or the inner surface of the rubber conduction band More pulp causes the rubber belt to slip during operation.

(2)  The loosening of the flower mechanism. Transmission parts in the transmission system, such as gears, worm gears, etc., are too long to use. Severe wear is easily caused and inaccurate. The grid seat is loose, and parts in the grid base are worn, such as bearings, gears, braces, etc. Loosening the screws can cause inaccurate flowers.

(3)  The rubber blanket runs unsteadily, especially if the left and right deviations are sharp, which is one of the major sources of inaccurate flowering.

(4)  The rubber paste inside and outside the surface of the rubber blanket has a serious phenomenon of sticking. Especially when using paint printing, the dirt on the rubber is not cleaned in time, and the rubber blanket will affect the accuracy of the flower when it is running; the color paste will not be cleared in time when it enters the grid, which will cause the uneven operation of the circular net. It is also very easy to cause inaccurate flowers.

(5)  The speed between the rotary screen printing part and the cloth dropping frame is different. That is, the printing speed is slow, and the speed of the cloth is too fast. The last circular net pattern has not been fixed on the printed fabric smoothly, and it is pulled by the cloth rack faster at a faster speed, so that the last round net pattern has been out of control. Status, and can not be adjusted and corrected to cause inaccurate.