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Blanket maintenance
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1, keep the blanket should be careful not to damp mildew, bogey exposure to boring heat, to prevent deteriorating gloss, feel rough, put insecticide to prevent moth-eaten.

2, can be re-pressed to avoid beard hair and creases.

Blanket cleaning

1, good quality and low detergent for neutral detergent, water temperature should be about 35 ℃.

2, the blanket can not be machine washable, in order to keep the blanket clean, reduce the washing times of the blanket, you can add a blanket in the blanket.

3, the blanket in the use of regular drying, and gently pat, so that the adhesion on the blanket sweat, dust and dander was removed, keep the blanket clean and dry, prevent moldy boring.

4, pre-deposit also need to dry, in the folded blanket sandwich a few tablets wrapped in paper mothballs, and then sealed after the plastic bag package, stored in a dry cabinet.