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Curtain fabric performance requirements
- Feb 02, 2018 -

(1) Fire safety standards: GB / T5455-1997

(2) fire rating: to GB / T5455-1977 standard M1, B1 level.

(3) the content of harmful substances in fabrics should comply with GB1840-2003 National Safety Technical Code for Textile Products.

(4) Environmental standards: GB50325-2001. The chemical composition of the fabric shall not exceed the latest national standards and norms promulgated.

(5) effect, performance: no wrinkle, no fading, sun light fastness 5-6 grade, good sense of hanging, no smell.

(6) Process: anti-fouling, anti-mildew, oil stains, dirt, easy to clean, not easy to hide dirt, soft colors, anti-deformation treatment, anti-static finishing.

(7) formaldehyde content: the implementation of national standards E1 emission standards to PVC coated polyester fiber as the raw material well-woven products, never containing glass fiber components.