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Double sheets specifications
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Double common specifications: sheets: 230 * 250CM or 245 * 250CM or 250 * 250CM

(The slight difference in size depends on the width of the fabric used by the manufacturer.) For example, if the width of the fabric is 235 cm, the maximum width of the two sides of the sheet can only be 230 cm Processing for the seam), the other two sides of the length can be easily determined.

Quilt: 200 * 230CM

Pillowcase: 75 * 48CM (ID) (two)

This specification can be used for 1.5 meters can also be used for 1.8 meters of the bed. To the sheets for the 230 * 250CM four-piece case, flutter in the 1.5 m bed, each side of the vertical 50CM, the foot of the bed drooping 30CM. 245 * 250CM is the two sides down 50CM, 45CM bed foot drop. This size sheets are generally rounded design, otherwise there will be two corners dragged to the ground. Similarly, 230 * 250 size used in the 1.8 m bed, that is, the two sides down 35 cm, the foot of the bed down 30 cm. Whether this size is suitable for a 1.8m bed depends largely on the size of the quilt you choose. If it is 200 * 230, is very suitable; if it is 220 * 240 or other size, it is necessary to choose another specification.