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Household curtains
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Bedroom: Curtains should be used, plus shading cloth and screens. Simple style-based, smaller windows can choose the finished curtain.

Living room: Larger living room suitable floor curtains, with sand, without shading cloth, style can be added with draperies.

Smaller living room can be used opaque shutter, cloth blinds and day and night curtains.

Children's room: should use colorful, vivid patterns fabric curtains or cloth blinds, can also be printed shutter.

Balcony: The best choice for the enclosed balcony is the sun roller shutter, shading and breathable, UV filter, when rolled up

Occupies space. If the balcony and the bedroom are connected, then install a cloth curtain to sleep for night use.

Restaurant: The restaurant is not private space, such as exposure, generally have a layer of gauze can be. Window screens, printing shutter,

Sunshine curtains are a good choice.

Study: study can choose a natural, unique book wood venetian blinds, noise curtains or plain shutter.

Bathroom and kitchen: Should choose waterproof, oil-proof, easy to clean the curtains, the general choice of aluminum blinds or printing shutter.