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How to buy blankets
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Blanket is a commonly used bedding, with warmth, compared with the quilt is thin, the use of animal raw materials and more fiber.

The quality of the blanket, in addition to the characteristics of the fiber and processing, and plush fiber density, weight, twisting methods are very related. The thicker and thicker the plush, the heavier the weight of the plush per unit area, the more the texture and appearance of the blanket can be maintained well. Basically, the short and dense blankets are more durable.

There are two main ways to check the density and elasticity of a typical short-felt. First of all, you can use the thumb on the blanket, press finished quickly restore the status quo, said the weft density and flexibility are better; or the blanket bending. The more difficult to see the bottom cushion, said the plush weave is more dense, more durable, as villus important, you can see the label instructions.