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how to clean Pigment Printed Microfiber Bed Sheet Set
- May 20, 2018 -

Pure cotton is a kind of bedding, which is made of cotton, which is the main raw material, processed by machines or people, and covers a rectangular area covered by the human body. It is mainly used for insulation during sleep.
1. It is a normal phenomenon if there is floating color wash out during the initial washing. After one to two washings, this condition will completely disappear. Please do not worry.

2, after the initial receipt of goods, can be washed with water, dry, can be dry. If the water quality of the area is relatively heavy, or if the detergent is an alkaline washing powder, add a little white vinegar. After such washing, you can keep the bed bright and bright for a long time.

The key points that should be noticed when washing and maintaining all kinds of fabrics:

1. Do not use bleach when washing, do not use hot water, use lukewarm water and cold water.

2. When washing dark bedding, soaking time should not exceed 10 minutes (including dark and light color products). Be careful not to wash the area, knead it over a large area, and do not mix it with other light-colored fabrics.

3, bedding season should be washed clean, dry and stored in a dry place, the humidity in the southern region should also be regularly drying.