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Bedding Care Attention
- Feb 02, 2018 -

special attention items:

A, linen washing can not force rub, screw (because the fiber is more brittle, easy to fluff, affect the appearance and life).

B, cotton, linen collection should pay attention to keeping the environment clean and prevent mold. Light and dark products should be kept separate to prevent the shadow color, yellowing.

C, white silk products can not be placed on mothballs or camphor wood, otherwise it will yellow.

D, except for single-hole fiber pillow, the other can be washed, but because of its thickness, be sure to fully dry, it completely dry before they do not affect the re-use. Usually the best use of pillowcases, wash away the trouble.

The choice of bedding should change according to the season. Such as spring and summer can choose fresh, jumping colors to create a fresh atmosphere, the winter can choose warm colors, heighten the warm visual effects. Quilt series in summer to 3 kg is appropriate, spring and autumn 4-5 kg or so, about 6-8 kg in winter, at the same time, depending on personal habits and local climate may be.