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Bedding Washing KnowledgeⅡ
- Feb 02, 2018 -

(1) bedding should be cleaned when season, dry and stored in a dry place, the greater the humidity in the south should be regularly carried out drying. Bedding is generally not easy to large area of dirt, easy to clean and maintain, but different fabric products washing and maintenance methods are very different, washing and maintenance should check before washing the product logo.

(2) store bedding, pay attention to deep, light-colored fabrics to be stored separately, when folded neatly folded, cotton fabric into the amount of camphor pills can be waterproof mildew, wool and silk was mildew can also be used Same method. However, silky fabrics can not be placed mothballs, so as not to fabric yellowing; placed in a suitable humidity, well-ventilated place.