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China's Textile Industry Development Prospects
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Chinese textile enterprises should expand their textile design ideas, design home textiles both stylish and with Chinese characteristics, establish a unique brand culture, out of the textile industry rely mainly on marriage and relocation of two narrow markets, from digging consumers Potential demand, seeking new market segments, such as functional home textiles, men's home textiles, home textiles fashion, etc., to promote China's home textiles industry faster forward.

Prospects for the textile industry bright. First of all, investment-oriented and public service consumer hot spots represented by residential buildings, hotels and restaurants, tourism and transportation, and healthcare will all be the factors that will promote the continuous expansion of China's home textile market. The Olympic economy and the Shanghai World Expo will also provide the development of the textile industry A new opportunity. Second, the demand for home textile products has been expanding due to the improvement in the quality of life of Chinese people. Finally, at present, nearly 10 million new couples get married each year in China. The consumption of home textile products due to marriage will be very substantial.

The next few years, China's textile market is expected to net increase of 200 billion -3000 billion market. As one of the three major industries in the textile industry, the home textile industry is quietly changing the pattern of people's lives and markets.