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How To Choose Quilt
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Pick a good quilt is your perfect life, then how should we choose quilt?

The first step: to see the color ---- General quilt  Color is divided into two kinds of jacquard and printing, two different colors, but in comparison, jacquard to be more wear-resistant and durable. Diverse print colors, beautiful, beautiful. However, we can not tell the printing dye quality is good or bad, uneven grades, and easily lead to allergies, if you like elegant colors, it is recommended to consider more quilt jacquard fabric.

The second step: feel the texture --- When we buy clothes, often like to touch the clothes by hand, this principle can also be used in our selection quilt, the texture of the quilt will be smooth, soft a feeling of. With the skin to achieve the perfect contact.

The third step: smell the smell --- quilt can have any smell, if the two different grades quilts put together for comparison, in fact, it is easy to smell the two quilt cover different tastes, especially printed quilt, good Printed quilt you can not smell anything special asked, if the printing is not good, manufacturers generally use a variety of rich spices to cover the smell of impurities, so the general flavor will be more intense.

Step four: pick the details --- If you check carefully enough, you should turn the quilt cover to check, many times, the quilt's good and bad will be reflected here, quilt well, in its inner layer you will Finding the meticulous stitches to handle, there's no extra stitches, no stitches, so in many cases, details are the key to quality.