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Textile Classification
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The textile industry can be divided into three industries according to their end uses, namely the textile industry for apparel, the textile industry for industries and the textile industry for decoration. The textile industry for decorating is generally referred to as home textile or home textiles, and the bedding industry is home textiles One of the sub-sectors. Bedding is an important part of home textiles, in accordance with the classification of China Home Textiles Association: including 1 bedding categories, 2 curtains, 3 kitchen washing textiles, 4, furniture textiles (cushions, cushions), and so on. Among them, the category of bedding occupies the first place in the textile industry, the output value accounts for more than one-third of China's textile industry, reaching 100 billion yuan in 2004; the output value in 2006 is about 250 billion yuan, including sheets, quilts, pillows and other products. In China, the bedding industry, also known as the bedding industry, or bedding, bedding and interior decoration industry, but most industries are still accustomed to using the concept of textile industry. Bedding mainly includes: pillow, bedding, mattress, pillowcase, quilt ... ... Most popular bedding brands on the market have their own flagship product, and the concept of the overall bedding is a variety of bedding single rooms, combined into a complete set Bedroom design, convenient customer choice. I believe that more and more bedding providers will move to a similar track up.

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